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About Us


About Us


Stirling Doors is a family owned and operated business. Originally founded as a construction company in 1982, Stirling Structures Ltd. built homes, barns and sheds for three years. In 1985 the company shifted its focus to building custom kitchens and became Stirling Cabinets. After a few years of buying doors for kitchens installations, Stirling Cabinets began manufacturing their own. In 1992, Stirling Cabinets expanded once again and became Stirling Doors, supplying custom wood doors for kitchen and furniture companies. 

With two generations working and the next already wanting to help Dad and Grandpa, Stirling Doors is a family business that has been providing custom solid wood doors for twenty years and will continue to do so for generations to come.


General Warranty


Stirling Doors warrants that all products manufactured and sold by the company will meet the specifications of your order. Natural characteristics of the wood such as grain patterns, mineral streaks, slight surface cracks, knots and the like are not considered defects, but reflect the natural true look of hardwood. Even two pieces of wood from the same tree are never exactly alike due to the differences in natural colour and grain. Each piece of wood will react differently to any finishing materials used. You may notice a slight difference in colour between several pieces even in the same door. 

Stirling Doors cannot be held responsible or liable for damage by improper handling, storage, assembly, finishing, installation, or abuse by the customer.

Stirling Doors reserves the right to change or modify its products and specifications as part of our ongoing product development program and cannot be held liable for these changes, real or implied.



Stirling Doors does not provide customers with custom finishing, but may be able to recommend a company to suit your needs.

One of our recommendatons is Spray it!  ( A division of Coat Of Many Colours Quality Kitchens Inc.)

Spray it